Dance Floor Etiquette

Three Simple Rules

  • No standing on the dance floor.
  • No drinks on the dance floor.
  • Line and swing dancers on the inside, traveling dancers on the outside.

Standard dance etiquette

Standard dance etiquette

Leaders watch where they’re going.
Gentlemen watch where their partner is going.

Dance in your space, not someone else’s. As the floor gets more crowded, make your steps smaller and be polite. This applies to every dancer, no matter how experienced.

If you bump into someone else on the dance floor, assume it is your fault and apologize immediately. If the dance floor is too crowded, wait until the next song.

Wear appropriate clothes and shoes. Extremely high heel shoes or heavy boots are injuries waiting to happen.

On the social dance floor, do not teach, offer suggestions or critique your partner’s dancing unless they ask you to or they give you permission.

Dance in a manner and at a distance with which your partner is comfortable.

The Cowboy’s Guide to Dance Etiquette

Dance with the one that brung ya:
Save your first and last dance for the person who brought you. It is a common western courtesy.

Dance with your friends:
Dance with other people besides the person you who brought you. It’s a great way to make new friends and leaves you smellin’ like a rose.

Unless it’s your ex who’s askin’, be up for the task:
If you’re too tired, make sure you sit out the whole song before dancing again.

A cowboy always keeps his promise:
If you promise someone a dance, especially the “next song”, keep your promise. Don’t make them come find you, be polite and find them.

Teach a cowboy to fish:
Dance with beginners and children if they want to try dancing. It is the only way they’ll ever learn to dance.

Eat, drink and share:
The barn is open for the dance if the dance keeps the barn open! Buy a drink at the bar (even if it is only a soda) or order food from the kitchen.

Pay your respects:
If you asked for a song, tip the band or the DJ. You just might be the only cowboy in the place that wanted to hear that dumb song.