80 oz Steak Challenge

The meal consists of: 80 oz of ribeye steak, a loaded baked potato, the vegetable du jour, a side salad with your choice of dressing, and a dinner roll with butter.

1. You must pay for the meal in advance of it’s preparation; coupons are not valid on the challenge. If you can consume the entire meal in 60 minutes or less, while adhering to these rules, we will refund your payment!

2. The meal takes approximately 60 minutes to prepare to medium. While we will gladly cook the steak to any temperature you desire, we strongly discourage medium well, or well.

3. You will be allowed to cut into your steak to check for the correct temperature prior to your time starting. Once you give us the ‘go’ your timer will start and the challenge is on!

4. You must consume the entire meal in 60 minutes or less; this means all food swallowed.

5. Once the clock has started you are not allowed to stand up, leave the table, or let anyone else touch the meal (this includes cutting the meat!)

6. You do not have to eat the fat, but the final judge on fat vs. meat is the chef.

7. Should you become ill the challenge is over! (Please use the container provided)

8. You must sit at a table assigned to you by our staff.

9. Should you fail to complete the challenge you can take the leftovers home with you, when you are ready to leave. No consumption of leftovers is allowed in the restaurant.

10. If you can successfully complete the challenge by yourself, you will receive a t- shirt and we will display your picture and time on our website and/or social media.

(The $80 Steak Challenge is only valid for one person and challenge only)

$80 if you fail to finish in 60 minutes



In under 29 minutes!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Derek Hendrickson for completing the Steak Challenge in under a half an hour!